Case Management 

The staff is client-centered; emphasis is placed on empowering clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to remain abstinent regardless of life situations or issues. 

All clients are provided with referrals to resources of medical, psychiatric, educational, vocational, legal, financial, and other special needs. 

Treatment planning: Individual treatment plans are based on a comprehensive assessment, completed with a counselor to ensure that therapeutic goals are fulfilled. 

Individual Counseling: Clients have a weekly individual one-on-one counseling session for intensive self-focused work towards the completion of their treatment goals.

Group Counseling: Clients share their histories, ambitions, successes and failures to motivate and assist in each other’s recovery.

In addition, during groups the following topics are discussed: 

    Disease model of addiction

    Introduction to self-help groups

    Relapse prevention 


    Family issues

    STDs and safe sex practices

    Goal limits and Boundary settings 

    Anger management 


 Aftercare Planning: Prior to discharge, each client meets with his counselor to discuss wha steps the client will take to insure his recovery.