This twenty seven bed male facility serves the population of Baltimore City. We also have two beds on reserve for emergency client placement. Our evidence based curriculums, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and Criminal and Addicted Thinking are proven curriculums that promote personal growth. These strategies are designed to enhance self-image, self-esteem, promoting positive growth and producing higher stages of moral reasoning. Individual, group, and family session are provided. Self help meeting are available twice a week at the facility. Valley bridge House has been serving the male adult community for over fifty years and remains dedicated to the care and treatment of the suffering addicted person.

Our History

Valley House has served the Baltimore community since 1955 when it established. It is the first Certified halfway house for male alcoholics in the State of Maryland. It was formed as a non-profit to aid and assist those destitute chronic alcoholics being released from jails and hospitals. The intent was to assist in arresting alcoholism throught the use of the principles of sober living, counseling and rehabilitation. Its sister house, Bridge House, was founded in 1972 to accommodate the increasing requests for services. It was in 1972 that substance abuse was added to our treatment goals. 


For over 60 years, Valley Bridge House, Inc. has held out the hand of hope to individuals who have sought recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse. It remains dedicated to the care, treatment and rehabilitation of the suffering addicted person, no matter what chemical they were addicted to.